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Programme description

Clinics train coaches in each of the six aquatic disciplines. The training programmes is conducted by highly experienced coaches and experts around the world. Clinics also educate Swimming Officials in order to help National Federations officiate at competitions.

Programme Goals

Provide basic training to coaches and swimming officials of all levels, from beginners to advanced participants

Ensure that coaches and officials are given the opportunity to develop their skills, developing thus the aquatic sports in their countries


The FINA Clinics for Coaches and FINA Swimming Clinics for Officials are intended to provide basic training for participants of all levels through courses led by an expert nominated by FINA. By offering technical training and promoting best practices, your coaches and swimming officials will develop their skills and support successful performances in the pool.

Course format

  • The Coaches courses are available in all six aquatic disciplines (swimming, open water swimming, artistic swimming, diving, high diving and water polo) and may last from five (5) to ten (10) days.
  • The Officials course is only available for Swimming and may last from three (3) to five (5) days.
  • All FINA clinics can be carried out at one of the following levels: beginners, intermediate or advanced.
  • The clinic agenda and content is adapted to the host National Federation’s particular requirements, combining theoretical sessions and practical training.
  • National Federations may distribute the course hours as best suit the Clinic participants.

Document and information

2019 Guidelines for Clinics


How many FINA Clinics can be organised per year?

The maximum number of clinics requested by National Federation is two (2). No more than one (1) clinic per discipline (swimming, open water swimming, artistic swimming, water polo, diving, high diving) and category (coaches or swimming officials) may be organised by National Federations on an annual basis.

How many days does a FINA Clinic for Officials last?

FINA Swimming Clinics for Officials may last from three (3) to five (5) days.

What is the difference between a FINA Swimming Clinic for Officials and a FINA Swimming School for Officials?

The FINA Swimming Clinics are designed to provide basic training for officials at three different levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced), whereas the FINA Schools for Swimming Officials are aimed for those participants intending to enter the FINA Officials Lists and attend a FINA event as a technical official.

How can I register for a FINA Clinic?

National Federations wishing to attend a FINA Clinic organised in their continental region may contact the host federation.

The contact details of the FINA National Member Federations is available at the following link

Is there any fee for the FINA Clinic participants?

All FINA Clinics are free of charge for all participants.


FINA Swimming Clinic for Officials (39-2019)
Antigua, ANT
FINA Swimming Clinic for Officials (117-2019)
Kwajalein, MHL
FINA Swimming Clinic for Officials (125-2019)
Skopje, MKD
FINA Water polo Clinic for Officials (61-2019)
FINA Swimming Clinic for Officials(7-2019)
Conakry, GUI