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Marko Bijac was only 16 years old when Croatia clinched its first World Championship title. It happened in 2007 in Melbourne. At that time, Croatia’s goalies were Frano Vican and Josip Pavic, two of Bijac’s sporting idols. Croatia won gold Down Under after beating Serbia in the semi-final and Hungary in the final. Ten years on, Vican has finished his career and become a coach, Pavic no longer plays for the national team, only for his Greek club, Olympiacos. Now Marko Bijac is the No. 1 goalie for the Croats, who are world champions once more. After beating Serbia in the semis and Hungary in the final.



FINA World Championships

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Women’s Super Final

How do you recall the great triumph?

Every victory and trophy is an athlete’s delight, but the world title is... something special. This is the greatest success of my career so far. I’m really delighted and proud of all my team-mates. We showed that we are the best. It was hard. We had the toughest possible road to the top of the podium. Italy in the quarterfinals – a very unpleasant match but we won. Then a fantastic battle with Serbia in the semi-finals, against the world champions, sorry, the former world champions, ha-ha. Still, they are pretty strong, the Olympic title-holders, it should be appreciated. And finally, against the Hungarians in front of their, I do not even know how many, fans. Thousands and thousands...

How did you become a goalkeeper?

I’ve always been taller than the average, but at the same time physically not that powerful. Then, one day at training, our goalkeeper didn’t show up, so the coach told me to go ‘in goal’, as goalkeeper.

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