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Just as in 2015, the men’s award is shared: two years ago Bill May and Aleksandr Maltsev were called to the stage. Now, alongside the Russian, Giorgio Minisini is honoured. The 21-year-old Italian has progressed spectacularly and, paired with Manila Flamini, he earned his nation’s first-ever world title in this discipline.



FINA World Championships

Gold Medal

Mixed duet free
FINA World Championships

Silver Medal

Mixed duet technical

"Facts talked instead of me"

First of all, there is a masculine part of this sport, I found it pretty quickly. I was proud to be part of a sport which demanded working a lot on the tiniest details. You are out of the water, in the water, under the water. It’s swimming, gymnastics, ballet at the same time. I’ll bet you won’t find any other sport which is so complex. Athletes of different sports have especially recognisable body shapes. A hammer-thrower, a sprinter, a distance-runner... Even in swimming you can distinguish the breaststroker from the backstroker, based on the shape of their upper body. But I have a fine average athlete shape as this sport really makes each and every muscle work. Our shape reflects on harmony.

“This is our life.”

We are few so far as no one loves practising a sport where he simply cannot take part in world champs. Though there were a few of us who made all those efforts. We were regarded a bit as crazy guys who spend loads of energy despite being denied participation in serious competitions.

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